Monday, January 19, 2009

Hanging out with the people

After the show, we took photos and rested on a blanket by the Wash. Monument (find us at in gallery 0089). 

Then witnessed people having fun with George Bush's head (some kicked it to let out anger and some kissed it to thank him for enabled the election of Obama) and made our way to the Lincoln Memorial.  Couldn't get too close but met a nice group from Ohio that was hamming it up a the CNN news truck 

By the White House, we saw interviews for Spanish TV of the crowd including folks from London who came to see the day.  Saw the set up of the reviewing stands for the Inaugural parade and started shopping, shopping, shopping.  Established souvenier stands and stores have stocked up on Obama gear, empty store fronts became temporary Obamavilles, and lots of people on street selling everything you could imagine.  Groups who made CDs during the Campaign, knock-offs of Official Programs, etc.

In the evening, dressed-up people with ticket holders around their neck started appearing, cars of people with clipboards and lists pouring out of them, and welcome wagons for what seem to be musicans coming out of limos.

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