Monday, January 19, 2009

Survival Gear

It's not that's cold really (now that we're Minnesotan), but we aren't taking any chances.  Our inauguration gear includes: 

1 bottle of water each 
Energy bars 
Camera, 2 extra batteries, 1 extra disk 
Phones - Ellen's doesn't work on the Mall, but Dave's sometimes does - texting most reliable 
DC map 
Lip balm 
Lightweight blanket from JazzFest which can serve as a poncho in case it rains (no umbrellas allowed). 
Ellen is dressed to go skiing but without the goggles and skis. 
        Awesome socks from Minneosta mohair farm: 
        Ski bibs (fashion sense is long gone) 
        Ski gloves (in case it's really cold) and regular gloves 
        Full wool ear-flap hat 
Dave has on 2 hats (one with ear flaps), long-johns and jeans had cold toes after a while.

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