Sunday, January 18, 2009

Starting to buy goodies

Starting to stock up on Michelle and Barack stuff. Dave's cousin
Patti in Alaska sent a long list for the high school students where
she works, and various folks, including us, want some special and/or
tacky momentos of the day.

Some travel problems today in that rental car wiper fluid froze and
had to swap cars. Clearly, we're not in Minnesota anymore! Now we are
in the car heading back to DC hoping desperately to connect to public
transportation to get to the mall in time to see Beyonce etc.

We trying to work out details of what parties we will attend.

We would have loved to attend the Green Inaugural ball on tuesday but
tickets were $500 and, like all balls they sold out in15 minutes. Now
tickets are over $2,300.

Franti's Tuesday show at the 9:30 Club sold out on Saturday just
before we tried to buy.

Lots of invites to daytime Minnesota parties with our politicians
which we hope to do. Al Franken had a fundraising brunch this AM
which we didn't hit, but we sure hope Norm Coleman's lawsuit is
defeated and Al can be in DC for us.

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